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About Us

Bris Steel Company (Privately held company) was founded in a 60 thousand meter field and started its trial production with the help of God and great ambitions of this country's specialists in 2002.

This company succeeded to achieve its operation license after four years of endeavor and nonstop production. It also could take a great step in country's self-sufficiency and installed continuous casting line machines (ccm) to produce steel ingot in 2011.


  • Headquarter office address: Unit 2, No 4, First alley, Koohe Noor St., Motahari St., Tehran, IRAN - Postal Code: 1586863847 ------------------------------------------------------------ Manufacturing company address: Bris Steel Company, Phase 3, North Mobtakeran St., Khomein Industrial Park, Khomein County - Postal code: 3888185566
  • +98-2166756304